If you're inexperienced with artwork and printing, do not fear! Familiarise yourself with our printing tips and guidelines and you'll be on your way.

  • Typography & fonts

    Keep text to a minimum of 10pt or higher for best results. We recommend fonts with thin strokes should be higher than 14pt.

  • Convert text to outlines

    This will cause less issues when accessing your file and it ensures your text appears exactly as you intended.

  • Multiple/full-colour print

    Please set all Pantone colours to the nearest CMYK equivalent to accomodate for digital production.

  • Black settings

    Please set all rich black elements to CMYK: 60% 40% 40% 100%.

  • Graphics

    We prefer vector over raster graphics where possible, use photography at 300dpi or higher.

  • Embed all files

    Please make sure that all images are embedded instead of being linked within your file.

  • Dieline template

    Do not alter, resize or reposition the lines of the product template.

  • Lines & strokes

    Please ensure all lines used in your design are at least 0.5mm wide.