Moksha Gin
Tomorrow Studio

Handmade in New Zealand using botanicals sourced from the farms of southern India, Moksha is a newcomer to the local beverage market; a spiced gin that’s said to be as fragrant and vivid as India’s spice markets, and as vibrant and wild as its outermost reaches.

Moksha’s nostalgic iconography and rich colour palette is designed to be bold, and this Porter-produced gift box helps to set the tone. Luring the receiver into their Moksha moment with delicate gold foil logos and illustrative detailing, the limited edition box is topped with a custom gold tassel drawer pull for good measure.


  • E-flute foldable drawer box with custom tassel drawer pull
  • 250 H x 125 W x 125mm D




  • Foil stamping
  • Tassle drawer pull
  • Matte-laminate
  • Pantone colours

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