Studio Sly

Karavie was founded on the belief that small daily acts have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing, leading to the creation of a product line that balances natural ingredients with convenient applications to elevate the habitual experience of wellness. With a brief to elevate without compromise, Studio Sly’s refresh of Karavie’s packaging successfully captures the raw and distinct character of the brand through considered material selection and harmonious design.

The Karavie tuck top box is constructed of Cordenons Wild. This uncoated paper boasts a 35% cotton fibre blend, creating a tactile surface that feels soft and organic, with a satisfying thickness. These unique qualities make it an ideal vehicle for the custom 3D emboss and subtle one colour print, resulting in a pronounced texture that exemplifies the harmony that can be achieved between material and design to maximise overall impact.

Photography by Shelley Horan, Mark Lobo & Foliolio.


  • Product tuck-top box




  • 3D emboss
  • Specialty stock
  • Texture
  • Uncoated

Sustainability options

  • Curbside recyclable

Certification options

  • Soy ink

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