Chitter Chatter
McCarthy, Daybreak, & Allright?

Chitter Chatter is an interactive game created in collaboration with Mcarthy, Daybreak & Allright? that tackles teaching kids all about emotions and how to manage them. A modern take on the playing card format, it’s printed in engaging colours and features custom EVA inserts for a tactile element.

Looking to equip families across New Zealand with Chitter Chatter as a tool for learning and development, Porter helped produce 60,000 units of the game over 20 days and delivered them fully assembled, ready for distribution across the country.


  • Custom playing cards
  • Custom EVA insert and spinner
  • 60,000 + units delivered assembled




  • Double-sided printing
  • Bespoke product
  • Custom insert
  • Matte-laminate
  • Offset printing

Sustainability options

  • Reusable

Certification options

  • Soy ink

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